"Yufuin Chikki" is a baggage delivery service between Station Front-Hotel,
Hotel-Station Front so that you can enjoy a stroll without carrying heavy bags.

* Please note: The hotels should be affiliated with Yufuin Hot Spring Hotel Union.


500 yen per piece of baggage (Payment is due at Yufuin Chikki) For a family or group use, you'll get a discount per piece.

No.of baggage 1 piece 2 pieces 3 pieces 4 pieces
Fee 500 yen 900 yen 1,100 yen 1,400 yen

For more than 5 pieces of baggage, 350 yen is added per piece.
A bag is counted as a piece regardless of the size.
Please don't tie your bags with strings to avoid troubles such as loss.

  • Check your baggage at Yufuin Chikki at your arrival.

  • Check your baggage at the front desk of your accommodation at the time of departure. You can pick them up at Yufuin Chikki.
    (If your departure time is already fixed, please tell the front desk in advance. Your cooperation for smoother delivery would be very much appreciated.)

Yufuin-Onsen Tourism Association/
Hotel Business Association
"Yufuin Chikki"
Station-Front Baggage Delivery Service
Business hours 9:00-17:30

Check your heavy bags here, and enjoy a stroll in Yufuin.

  • Baggage Lockers
300-500yen per day (Large, Middle, Small)
  • Temporary Keeping of Baggage
300-500 yen per piece per day

Baby buggies and wheelchairs are also available for free, though they are in limited supply. If you need one, please don't hesitate to let us know.